The Lost Shrines Series

By Vengeance Guided, Book One

Accidentally bound by a magical connection, Lia and Caerwyn struggle to keep their secrets hidden from one another. But darkness is closing in and threatening everything they both love. If they don’t learn to trust each other and fight together, the world may fall to a vicious tyrant.

By Destiny Bound, Book Two

Maddyn’s presence in Galwei leads to the assassination of the old Matriarch. A quirk of destiny leaves Yve with the Matriarch’s title and a gift of prophecy that elevates her far above anyone’s expectations. Both struggle to balance duty and their growing, impossible attraction in the midst of a search for a deadly assassin whose dark magic could destroy everything.

By Blood Betrayed, Book Three

To protect a magical spring from a dark sorcerer, Phelan infiltrates an outlaw band. Instead of hardened brigands, he finds a makeshift family with a secret agenda, led by the beautiful and dangerous Selena. With an army approaching and dark sorcery threatening from within, Selena and Phelan brave enemy territory together in a desperate attempt to protect the shrine and Selena’s family.

By Love Reclaimed, Book Four

Reluctantly, Ran returns to the home of his family’s oldest rival in order to protect the island’s magic. And face the only woman he ever loved. Years ago, Tara was forced to make a choice: Ran or her family. Now he’s back and she’s facing the choice all over again. With enemy ships only days away, Tara and Ran have to move past the hurt and secrets if there is any hope of stopping a madman bent on ruling the world with blood magic and terror.

Dragon Ever After Series

Kiss The Dragon, A Dragon Ever After Novella

Once upon a time, a prince of the Sea Dragon Clan chased a thief into the land of Ardell and meets a princess with dreams of flying.

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