By Love Reclaimed--Lost Shrines: Book Four

Final book in the Lost Shrines fantasy romance series!

Coming July 2017!

By Blood Betrayed--Lost Shrines: Book Three

New release in the Lost Shrines fantasy romance series!

To protect a magical spring from a dark sorcerer, Hound-shifter Phelan disguises himself as a bard with a mercenary bent to infiltrate an outlaw band occupying the outpost near the shrine. Instead of hardened brigands, he finds a makeshift family with a secret agenda, led by the beautiful and dangerous Selena.

Selena and her brother gave up everything to flee the tyranny of Marnak's Warlord. Now, they covertly fight to stop others from suffering at the hands of the darkness engulfing their kingdom. She doesn't want to trust the stranger who's appeared in their midst, but he's the only one she can turn to when an attack reveals a traitor among those she holds most dear.

With her brother injured, an army approaching and dark sorcery threatening from within, Selena and Phelan brave enemy territory together in a desperate attempt to protect the shrine and Selena's embattled family.

By Destiny Bound--Lost Shrines: Book Two

New release in the Lost Shrines fantasy romance series!

To stop a corrupt sorcerer from acquiring more power, Maddyn, eldest of the Hounds of Death, travels to Galwei to keep a magical shrine from falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, no one seems to know where the labyrinth can be found. Or if it even exists. Except for a spirited novitiate that keeps turning up in unexpected places and distracting Maddyn from his task.

After a year with the Order, Yve is still struggling to fit in. She'd joined to be part of something bigger, to make a difference. Spending days in prayer and maintaining the Temple garden isn't quite what she imagined, but she's determined to prove herself. Which is why, no matter how much she wants to help Maddyn, her vows to the Order come first.

 But Maddyn's presence stirs up trouble and leads to the assassination of the Matriarch of the Order. A quirk of destiny leaves Yve with the Matriarch's title and a gift of prophecy that elevates her far above anyone's expectations. It also leaves her and Maddyn temporarily bound by magic. Both struggle to balance duty and their growing, impossible attraction in the midst of a search for a deadly assassin whose dark magic could destroy everything.

By Vengeance Guided--Lost Shrines: Book One

First in a new fantasy romance series

The nature of his magic, and Council mandate, prevent Caerwyn, Lord of Alwyn, from unleashing his Vengeance on the sorcerer responsible for his parents' murder. Instead, he's forced to go incognito to hunt for justice. His quest leads him to the land of Hara Dale and to the enigmatic Lady of the Dale. Liadan d'Hara, rumored to have unnatural powers linking her to Caerwyn's enemy, may hold the answers he seeks. The closer he gets to Lia, however, the harder it is to believe she's in league with a monster. And the harder it is to keep pretending to be someone he's not.

Lia only wants peace, but her sister's untimely death has forced her into the role of the Lady. A responsibility she is wholly unprepared for. It also left her to deal with an ill-considered betrothal that could plunge the region into war. Fighting to protect her people, the last things Lia needs is a charming stranger digging up secrets better left buried. Even if it seems like he's the only one she can talk to when the weight of her world gets too heavy.

When the power of a stone circle leaves them bound together by a magical connection, Lia and Caewyn struggle to keep their secrets hidden from one another. But darkness is closing in and threatening everything they both love. If they don't learn to trust one another and fight together, the world itself may fall to a sorcerous tyrant.


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